Mar 30, 2010

Najib Bloomberg Interview

Watch how Susan Li of Bloomberg News rattles Najib Razak with her direct and hard hitting questions in this short video interview during the Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference of 2010 in Hong Kong last week on March 23.

Susan ask Najib what is his story here in Hong Kong when some says that Malaysia is a "foregone economy" and Malaysia stock market is one of the worst performer across Asia Pacific and she brought comparison against Indonesia being one of the best performer in the World. (Indonesia stock market was the 3rd best performer in the World in 2009).

Susan question the Church burning incident in Malaysia and the ethnicity trouble facing Malaysia.

See how uncomfortable Najib gets in the interview and how he evaded the question on Bumiputra policies.

Have fun watching it. Enjoy :-))


Anonymous said...

Just babbling on and on. :D

Anonymous said...

This is an embarassment. They are so used to their lapdog utusan or bernama tv reporters who is interviewed with a script.
This is the international arena and Najib is dealing with professional reporters. Stay home and stop wasting our money going around the world, your NST and Utusan and Bernama will report what you want.

Anonymous said...

good entertaintment.

marylah said...

Wish we have reporters like this in KL.
Rosie is going to get angry! Susan is so pretty too.

Unknown said...

Hi I was not able to watch video. It has been removed. Where can I get to watch the video then. I have tried more than an hour searching for the video and till now, no signs of it. Anybody can give me tips on where to watch. Thank you so much. Bye. Tjleeds.