Mar 31, 2010

Low Income Malaysians and Proton

I pick this up from The People's Parliament where it was reported that the Deputy Finance Minister Chor Chee Heung says that Proton is a success in providing affordable cars to the low income Malaysians.

“I believe that low-income Malaysians today would not have been able to have their own cars had it not been for Proton”, says Chor Chee Heung.

For quite some time now i have been waiting for the opportunity to post these videos and looks like now is the right time.

Firstly Mr Deputy Finance Minister, because of Proton, Malaysians are forced to buy cheap and low quality cars that may possibly endanger their lives and those of their families. And these cars are not cheap due to the highly inflated taxation on automobiles and yes even Protons comes heavily tax although they enjoy a lower tax structure as compared to the foreign makes of the Japanese or European models and thus giving it an artificial low selling price because of lower duty on the Proton.

Without Proton the government will have to lower the duties for foreign made cars  for the affordability of Malaysians that are of better built quality and definitely greater inbuilt safety. And so Proton are saleable in Malaysia because of the lower duties and not that the cars are made cheaper. In short Malaysians are forced to buy Protons at the expense of better and higher quality alternatives.

Thanks to the management of the country by the likes of Chor from the Barisan National government, the country has Ten million low income Malaysians that does not come under the taxable threshold and which in my definition comes under the group of low income. We have slightly more than Eleven million workers in the country and about 10 million workers don't need to pay Taxes because they fall below the taxable income group. This is what makes Malaysia a low income economy.

Back to Proton and let the video posted here speak for itself;

Read The People's Parliament HERE


resident.wangsamaju said...

Chor said that? I'm surprised. This kind of statements only stir up anger amongst the public, who has been subsidizing proton for 25 years.
These proton guys I must say are pretty stupid. Can't even engineer a good car over 25 damn years.

Buy any make except Proton.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...what a thoughtless comment from the Deputy Minister of Finance.

Where has he been for the past 20 years ?

The 'rakyat' paid through their noses for the inferior quality Proton since the 80s.

For over 20K in the 80s, one can get a high quality Japanese car else where but only an inferior quality Proton in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

What a shame for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Now tell me, how can proton re-engineer itself when the political clowns in this country are deluded and in denial?
Proton holds the dubious title of the biggest wealth destroyer in this country.
There is no way the people here can accumulate wealth or assests if they have to subsidise this blood sucking company.

Anonymous said...

Wake up convince all your friends to throw UMNO/BN out in the next GE.