Jun 15, 2010

Football Betting Champion of Malaysia

So who is the champion of Football Betting?

Vincent Tan, Najib Razak or the Rakyat?

Personally i am neutral about Football Betting but does not approve the usual UMNO's way of just handing out licences to their cronies.

We already have a Casino, Sports Toto, Big Sweep and Magnum and not forgetting the many Jackpot Machine outlets all over the country. And who are the owners of these licenses?

Don't be greedy lah...already have Sports Toto which is already generating a revenue of about RM3.7 billion ringgit and a gross profit of  about 900 million as at 2009 reported accounting of Berjaya Sports Toto BHd.

Maybe this time give the license to the Bloggers and we will donate all the profits to the Rakyat and the many under privileged Malaysians and there will no longer be any poor people in this country and we will have free university education to all those who wnats an education. *Just daydreaming lah.. can or not?

Read "Public Outcry" from Melissa Goh of Channel News Asia HERE


TheWhisperer said...

I can contribute my experience if sports betting license is given to the bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Wow...that is a marvellous idea! Malaysia, all problem solved!

- Mel