Jun 29, 2010

Najib Says Malays Must Stop Relying on Govt

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has said the country's predominant Malays should not to be too obsessed about the 30 per cent equity ownership target set under the decades-old affirmative action policy. 

In an exclusive interview with Channel NewsAsia, Mr Najib explained the new metrics that will be used to measure wealth for the Bumiputras. 

The Malaysian prime minister has been trying to revamp the country's decades old affirmative action policy as part of his vision to attain developed country status by 2020. 

But in the face of resistance and even accusations that he is backtracking on his earlier promises, Mr Najib said the Malay majority or Bumiputras should stop relying on government protection. 

He said: "The Malays have to change, Bumiputras have to change because this is the 21st century. The only way the Bumiputras can succeed (is) if they are globally competitive. It's not because of government protection and so forth, they must be able to compete and stand on their own." 

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