Sep 21, 2009

Malaysia-Today - Alternate URL

 (The Autobots are here and they will see to the end of the Decepticons)

If you are having problem getting through to Malaysia-Today Website than try this alternate route HERE.

There are still a lot of stupid idiots that think that the internet can be block, these are the illiterates and the best part is that they are suppose to be the internet experts working for the government and if this is the expertise we get you can just imagine the quality of the people working for the government. They can't even understand simple philosophy that when you are working for the government you are suppose to be working for the people and not against the people. They and this umno government will never be able to see this point as all they are concerned about is their own selfish benefits and how to oppress or divide the good people of this beautiful country. They are here to Deceive the people and nation and they are the real and evil Decepticons.

They can't understand simple basic principles that the government is supposed to be servants of the people and that they must respect basic human rights and not to twist and turn with the intention to deceive the people. These are the real and evil Decepticons.

But the people have seen through their deceptions and will automatically reject them and they will be ejected and kick out to outer space and will be made to pay for all their evil misdeeds that have been destroying the country, and the people will have their heroes as in the Autobots, automatically rising up from the masses to smash out the evil from our land.

"The TRUTH will always Prevail"


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