Jun 5, 2008

Free Market Regime?

They say energy cost will be at a free market prices regime and i say yes lets have a free market regime in Malaysia and guided by a free price system without any BN government intervention.

Let all goods and services be free and fair competition based on supply and demand and all government tenders and supplies be free from intervention and based strictly on merit and not on some old bull-shit economy plan and there will no longer be any giving out of tenders without a free bidding system and let all accounts be published and open for public scrutiny.

Let Malaysian enjoy a free market economy and let the foreign investment flow freely into the country. Let there be economic freedom and do away with unneccassary permits and long approvals and processes that is stifling our buisness.

Free up the so called GLC as the government has no buisness to be in buisness and let the people managed their own companies appointed based solely on their expertise and let these companies be accountable to the people and not the government. Lets be free of cronysm and nepotism.

Let the people be free of draconian principles and lets us be free of protectionist tariff. Let the people be competitive and let the people and country progress as one rakyat. Let the people be free to cooperate with one another without the BN bumbling and stumbling coercion and intervention.

Let there be free medical for the people, free education for our children in a free education system equivalent to international standards and let Malaysia be free and great again.

FREE MARKET REGIME? And again i wonder whether this government knows what they are talking about? Can they set us free to give us the freedom so that the people can enjoy prosperity and progress? Can they let the Civil Society Grow?

"Economic freedom for the creation and sustainibility of civil and political freedom." - Milton Freidman -


Gus Gan said...


I agreed that Malaysia should be set free to practice the law of supply and demand.

Only with free market can Malaysia stand tall with S.Korea, Singapore, Taiwan which were far behind us not too long ago.

Practice minimum wages to start with.Ensure fair competition and based final decisions on merit.

Help the poor and disadvantages regardless of races.

The country still have a fighting chance to glory.The Government must
think Rakyat first.

God save Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Hi Hawk,

Good idea but fat hope! this will never happen as long as UMNO rules. UMNO is too entrenched into money politics and all government appointees work to serve their political masters and for self enrichment.

umno member.