Jun 18, 2008

Added Tools and Information on this Site

In this blog you will be able to monitor continous update of World Stock Market, World Crude Oil Prices, Malaysian News Update at the Side Bar as well as an International Currency Converter at the bottom of the page.

This are added for your convenience and to make the Blog more interesting and fun, as i am quite a traveller and frequently uses the currency converter which is on the current exchange rate updated continously 24 hours a day.
For the world stock indices, just put your cursor over the symbol to highlight the name of the indexs or click on it for the daily chart. Just try it click everywhere.

This all makes the site more enjoyable for me and all.
P.S. Just can't resist borrowing a picture from http://malaysiafinance.blogspot.com/ : ) had a difficult time trying to pick one. : ))

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