Nov 30, 2010

Fine Wine, Fine People and Simple Food

Enough of blurry politics? Just remember to savior the simple things in life... Good simply food with people of refined wisdom and fine wine to go.

One of the days of your life when things just blend in to generate an explosion of the senses.

There were a great blend of fine Bordeaux wines of red with great men of wisdom of companions of fine gentlemen contributing to the Malaysian society at a fine age In their 70s.

Our host a gentlemen of the time 2 year short of 60 made this event possible, a great blend of wine food and people.

They were all successful Malaysians of great humility and at their age still highly productive in contribution to the Society at large. There were 6 of us, 3 in their 70s and 3 others in their 50s including me. The conversation of politics and recent happenings were truly enlightening which I will share with you in another posting as this is written from my old 1st generation iPhone.

Never once were they loud, never once were they boastful of their great achievements never the slightest hint of EGO and Arrogance... Truly men of great wisdom which is quite a rare sight in the Malaysian Society.

They were highly successful individuals in life, working and contributing at their golden age, feeling useful, helping out where they can when they can without a care whether they are known or recognized for their contributions.

They were all millionaires and great philanthropist, working silently and expediently seeking not fame or name. Their satisfaction lies in just being able to contribute and helping out the society at large.

The wines were great just like the company we had, neither were they famous brand names or popular brands but it all just blend in with the great mee goreng, chicken and kambing curry.

This is a must try! Local curry and fine Bordeaux wines just simply amazing!

The chateau Fontenil 2000 deserve special mention with a great silky tannin and a creamy finish, a rare sensory to the taste buds... Must be the fine blend of fine people and the simple taste of local fares!

Sometime you just need to take time off.., and when you return the view just seems clearer.


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