Nov 2, 2010

MCA - Malaysian Chicken Association

The MCA today has been reduced to a stooge, the only way for MCA to stay in power is to be at the beck and call of their masters and in return fed with crumbs from the stolen loot of the nation.

Their type of politics has long been extinct in this fast paced digital world of globalization, they are no longer relevant and we loathe to write or so much as to waste our breathe talking about them.

However they are incessantly annoying and irritable with their speech and behaviour, their Ministers go about the country with their entourage of goons behaving like some big-shots. These chickens are real cowards and will run and hide behind the sarongs of their masters with the slightest sense of threat.

In an incident in Galas yesterday, Teoh Beng Hock's sister Teoh Lee Lan and his brother in law was assaulted by goons of the Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Heng Seai Kie.

And after assaulting the duo, these MCA chickens lodge a police report and the duo was than arrested by the Police! (You can read an account of the whole incident in the link below).

These MCA people will not hesitate to bully the people and is best described by Raja Petra in his latest article titled "The Chinese and their Kung Fu" where he wrote;

"Today. the Chinese pick on those who are not able to fight back and who the law will not protect because they are not aligned to the government."

I (Raja Petra) saw the photograph of the MCA gangsters beating up Teoh Beng Hock’s brother-in-law in Galas recently. The impression I used to have of these types of Chinese has changed a lot. In the old days, the Chinese would take on those of their equal or someone said to be ‘tera’. They prided themselves on taking on someone of some ‘reputation’. Today, these types of Chinese beat up weaker, defenceless people.

But have you noticed that these MCA gangsters only dare bully their own kind? If the person in question is another Chinese from the opposition then they will become very garang. If, however, the other chap is Malay, in particular from Umno or Perkasa, these Chinese will be meek and subservient.

Read "The Chinese and their Kung Fu" HERE
Read an account of the Assault HERE


Anonymous said...

Cock a doodle do, master call chicken do

Anonymous said...

The chinese called the traitors running dog. Traitors of the people and country.
MCA work in the same way as umno, the members panders to the leaders hoping to get some projects. Money is all they are after. Join MCA politics for business.

Gina P said...

I am a Chinese and can testify that Chinese only pick on our own kind. We are too chicken for anything else.

MCA is history. Their leaders clamor for position, stake their claim but their hill has disappeared. It's a bootomless pit now.

MCA who?

GP said...


Anonymous said...

The MCA will be wipe out come the next GE13. The gangsters will be flush down the toilet bowl of dirty politics. We will be free of this shit completely.

Anonymous said...

They are Malay Cheap Agents too. They are not worth associated. They lay no egg but bring tons of chicken dunk and pig shit.

Anonymous said...

The mca porno president soilek ask why Teoh Beng Hock go to Galas. why must go Galas. He ask Why is Teoh Beng Hock an issue? wahahaha mr porno president! no brain president!