Sep 22, 2009

Election Commission Must be Transparent!

Anwar yesterday called on the Election Commission (EC) to undertake pro-active steps to overcome negative public perception the constituency's postal vote rolls.

“EC should clean up and update the postal vote list and allow representatives from all contesting parties to observe its balloting process.

“The postal votes shall also be counted at the polling station immediately after the balloting was over.

“I don't see any difficulties in EC fulfilling these demands,” said the Pakatan Rakyat leader, stressing that EC was duty bound to uphold democratic electoral process.

He said although Pakatan was confident of giving BN and Umno a tough fight at the by-election, "the postal voters remained a major obstacle to victory.”

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Anonymous said... laa watever u want , we know wat to do , dun teach us how to suck eggs...ok ? tks !

Unknown said...

Hmm.. Don't get what you are trying to say and who is "we" and "us"?

Teaching you how to suck eggs? Did i do that?

Most welcome for your tks.

Anonymous said...

sir, i only referring the party leaders & 'we/us' = EC laa , ok? tks.