Sep 29, 2009

Another Horrible Death!

This is our country...

Tan Shu Fang, a bright 17 year old girl died a horrible death! She was the latest victim of the rampant crime in this country. She died a victim of Snatch Thief and how heartbreaking to read news such as this. Shu Fang is a straight As student of SMK Mutiara Rini 2 in Johor Bahru. Read Her Story HERE.

And now even snatch thief carries Gun! Read the Story HERE. And another death from crime HERE and these are only reported stories from the media and you can be very sure that there are many more such crime stories not reported.

The government must take responsibility for all the distressing deaths that is happening in this country of ours, we have record breaking deaths from traffic accidents, from diseases of H1N1, from crime and from deaths under detentions! And there is Teoh Beng Hock and Kugan and many many more! Fcuk!

These deaths from traffic accidents and crime and a big share of the deaths in custody are all related to the Police department that is the PDRM. The people have repeatedly called for a change in the leadership and management of the PDRM and as usual, our government don't give a damn about the grievances of the people and has continued further extension of the services of the same Chief of Police (IGP).

The present IGP has served for so many years and way past retirement age and yet his services are once again extended upon by the new Prime Minister. Despite the many accusations of impropriety and accusations in his conduct as the Chief of Police.What is their problem?? I really cannot comprehend!?

What is the problem with this UMNO led government? Or is this the behaviour of a disintegrating dynasty?

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Anonymous said...

the KPI for that fcuking PIG & polis is to arrest / harrass the oppositions ..

anak bangsa msia 101

Anonymous said...

While crime rate has shot through the roof in the country; Police Dog di Malaysia are busy harassing peaceful gatherings.

Anonymous said...

While crime rate has shot through the roof in the country; Police pdrm are busy harassing peaceful gatherings.

Anonymous said...

Here is another news appearing in Singapore Newspaper not reported in Msian papers. On 20th Sept just after Saturday midnight , Negeri Sembilan, a 300 strong public crowd gathered after a 13 years old chinese boy riding a bicycle was killed when he was hit by a car owned by a Malay.
But the mob's rage was not on the driver but the PDRM officers at the scene who refused to take the boy to the hospital. More PDRM guys arrive in plain clothes says, "if you keep making noise, I'll fire". PDRM force the kid out of the patrol car and kid died along the way on another public car.