Sep 17, 2009

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (Updated with more Links)

Haris Ibrahim with the Rumah

A section of the early Anak Bangsa Malaysia despite the rain

The Registration Desk

Whilst the Prime Minister Najib Razak's 1Malaysia turns into an expensive Formula One Racing Car, Today on Malaysia Day, 16th September 2009 saw the launch of Anak Bangsa Malaysia, a movement initiated by Malaysians for Malaysians.

And i am overjoyed to have witnessed this occasion and proud of my friends and comrades who had taken their precious time and effort to come to this beginning. Yes, this is a beginning of a real hope that we Malaysians will and are willing to take the lead in shaping our own destiny towards a nation that embraces all and comprehends the need to be global in perspective with an all encompassing heart.

I am happy to be here today and will let you read the rest of my fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia share their stories in the links below.

Congratulations! Anak Bangsa Malaysia!

"One People, One Nation"

See Lots of Photos from Shanghai Fish HERE (latest) Latest from The Peoples Parliament HERE
Read The Whisperer HERE
Read Melvin HERE
Read Anak Bangsa Malaysia Website HERE and HERE
Read the report from The Nutgraph HERE.
Read the multi billion 1Malaysia Formula 1 HERE. Read the Cost of 1MF1 from Malaysian Insider HERE

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