Aug 14, 2009

Negative Impact of Main Stream Media (MSM)

"Government trying to Control the Democratic Process will want to Control the Press"

The Minister Rais Yatim after being rebuke by the people over his plan in trying to censor the internet by installing filters, has obstinately came out to announce that his ministry will carry on with a study of its “extreme overlay of negatives” (I don’t know exactly what that means).

He added that the study will include the impact of “child pornography, gambling and acts of terrorism”. (So the minister is going to be very busy checking out pornography sites and etc.)

Rais said it was normal for countries to study the flow of information on the Internet from time to time, and the Malaysian Government too felt it was necessary to conduct such a study. (The study on the negative impact of the internet)

This is viewed as an attempt to limit freedom of speech, and a far more important issue is that of the negative impact of government controlled media and media controlled by politically interested parties. They act as propaganda machinery for the ruling party, curbing press freedom and journalistic integrity.

And the spinning and exaggerating of news report to serve their political master, distorting facts and even reporting untruth. They have even gone to the extent of propagating racism and bigotry against all moral ethics.

The recently launch HARTAL MSM internet site which is a concerted effort in exposing the spin and untruth of the government controlled media also called “Main Stream Media” (MSM) should consider undertaking a Study on the Negative Impact of the MSM as against the minister’s study of the internet.

Read Minister Rais Yatim HERE.



Anonymous said...

to the reporter nizam : it means '
ultra vires' !!

Anonymous said...

BN controls everything in this country and we are expected to be robots. so just go about do your work and don't ask question.