Aug 10, 2009

The Internal Security Act Must Be Abolished

There is no defence, no logical reason, for keeping the ISA in whatsoever form. This Act is Archaic and it is Draconian without a single doubt.

This Act has been misused and abused by UMNO for too many a times, they have use this Evil ACT (ISA) to stay in power, and have applied it generously without the slightest guilt and consideration, It has been used to lock up just about any Malaysian at their whim and fancy.

The Home Ministry has just started a poll at their website and upon checking the latest poll result calling for the abolishment of the ISA is at 2.54 am 10th August (today) 90% voted for total abolishment from13,350 response. 87% from the 13,057 responses calls it a Draconian Law.

If they are not convinced that more than the majority of Malaysian resent the ISA, than can we have a national referendum on the abolishment of this ISA.

Keep the Law and you will destroy this country and yourself!

See the AlJazeera discussion on the ISA as below and as The Whisperer said "Judge for Yourself".

Part I

Part II


Donplaypuks® said...

According to Kerismudin and the survey conducted by the Home Affairs Ministry, 91% want the ISA to be abolished!!

What is the Government waiting for if not to continue with the abusive use of it!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters

Unknown said...

Thats the question, and what are they waiting for? Suppose to be People First, Performance Now.