Aug 1, 2009

ISA March (Edited)

2.17pm: The march is on. Easily more than 20000 on this side from the Masjid Negara. Marching towards sogo through bank negara and the selangor club

Crowds has swell whole strecth of road filled with people.

Police harassing the peaceful protester. Tear gas fired at random. Crowd now at standstill .

Water canon is spraying chemical laced water on the crowd of people and screams were heard everywhere and there are women and children amongst the peaceful protester.

They even sprayed directly at the members and guest of The Royal Selangor Club into the compound.

We saw 2 young cildren of about 5 and 8 years old screaming and crying and brought them into the Club to wash them off.

3pm. The protesters has remobilised and on the march again.

Was real bad as the police sandwich the protesters and they than shot tear gas and water canon. There were screams and cries everywhere.

These are not Malaysian police... These are the police from hell.

A clear case of brutality and govt. Oppression.

4.20pm huge crowds of more than 100,000 have mobilised at Sogo now as reported by Duke. But we were told that they are trying to disperse them the organisors. Prostesters are angry.the police were cruel and wicked. We were helping out with the old and young children. Special branch officers in plain clothes were really evil as they arrested peaceful protesterd.

4.45pm. Report from Duke at Sogo: 30rounds of gas fired from all sides when we are about to disperse We are cornered, no way out, old people and young children suffering from the tear gas. Am afraid someone might die....

Police are randomly arresting people in the Sogo and Central Market area especially those in anti ISA t shirt.

Photo above is taken from the dataran medeka square. The dataran area is 1.45 pm.

At 2 pm. Tear gas has been fired at the Masjid jamek.

The march has started. Helicopters hovering around the area. More FRU are rushing into the area. At 2.10 pm


12.31 pm : More people have been arrested in various location. There were reports rthat about 6 were just arrested in the Sogo area.
We r now getting on to the KTM commuter.

The march starts at 2pm but thousands are already waiting in complexes and shops.

Police and the fru are all over the city.


The police are trying to stop the people from mobilising. Reports of the police firing tear gas at the merdeka square preventing an early crowd from mobilising. About 36 people have been arrested at the national mosque.

We have been informed that the masjid Jamek LRT station has been closed.

Traffic is bad in the city.

Reporting from mobile phone. Will update soon.

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Anonymous said...

Those going down to Mid Valley from any direction are also stuck. the best way to get to shopping centre is by MOTORSIKAL!

Try to go out after evening. Hope it'll be better then.

I've just travelled back to Cheras from MV.... THE JAM IS DAMN LONG!!!
Lucky I went to MV early morning.

Place Affected:
Cheras Connaught after toll - MV
Cheras Connaught after toll - KLCC (including Smart)
PJ Area - MV - KL (NOT MOVInG!)
Those wanted to turn into MV also struggled so hard to get into the lane... Pity them...

With Regards,
Cheras GPS