Aug 7, 2009

Home Ministry - ISA Poll (Update)

The Home Ministry is conducting a Poll on the Internal Security Act (ISA) on their website.

Please Go HERE and vote against the ISA.

Go to the website, scroll down and on the right hand side there will be five rectangular boxes on the ISA, please vote on all the boxes.

Update with Translation of The Question Thanks To Ariane.

1) What do u think ISA is i) Preventive ii) Draconian iii) Not sure

2) Do u understand and know everything about ISA? i) yes ii) no iii)confused or unaware

3)How do u know about ISA i)from reading ii)from hearsay iii) from catching the news

4) What do you want done about ISA? i) completely do away with it ii)continue with it but with updates(?) iii) Don't know

5) Did u know that the US and UK have anti terrorist Act and Patriots Act that ISA is within those Acts i) yes ii) no iii) Don't know don't care ...

Note: A Poll with too many questions, Just answer as the highlighted in bold as above and i avoided question no.3.


ahoo said...

The writings are all on the wall BUT the will to implement change or revoke such a law is not in their agenda for now. For this tool is very convenient in time of need to curb the rising stars of the other parties.

Unknown said...

hi ahoo,
That is why we the people must add more pressure to demolish this and all draconian laws.

Overseas Malaysian said...

Can you please translate the questions into english.