Dec 21, 2009

Different Types of Bumiputra...

This is a beauty from Sakmongkol AK47 on the different types of "Bumiputra" and he has highlighted the two differing types and on those who claim to be "Bumiputra" who are, if you ask me the "Celup" Bumiputra who got the better of the so called real Bumiputra or as Sakmongkol puts it, "The Pariah Bumiputra".

And so what is a Bumiputra?

An extract from Saknongkol here:

How do you differentiate between the Brahmin Bumiputera and the Pariah Bumiputera?

First the Brahmin Bumiputera operates on the basis of his inherited stature. He advances in life on account of who he is. If he is from a distinguished genetic pool, what he wants he gets as of birthright.

Sociologists call this method of classifying people, as the ascriptive norm. You are placed on the hierarchy on the basis of who you are. Your being is more important to define your status- bloodline, old boy network, belonging to a particular grouping such as ANSARA or MCOBA etc.

The Brahmin Bumiputera is the naturally favored choice in anything. Because they are assumed to get things done by virtue of being who they are. In business he gets what he wants. In politics he expects to be given position. Political office, government position-all these are his exclusive province.

Rules apply only to plebeians and peasants. They don't apply to special Bumiputeras. Hence when we speak of Bumiputera special privileges, we actually mean, privileges for some special Bumiputeras.

The Pariah Bumiputera on the other hand has to qualify his way at every inch. He must qualify himself with superior education, superior talent and even superior morals. He must operate on the basis of what he can do society. He, the pariah Bumiputera operates on achieved norms- that is, he will judged in accordance to what he can do.

When it comes to rules and regulations, they apply more to the pariah Bumiputera than the Brahmin Bumiputera. Universal rules apply to common people, particular rules to special people.

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