Dec 6, 2009

An Investment Opportunity in Alternate Energy

I was alerted about the initial IPO of Longyuan Electric Power Group sometime in early November by my Bankers, Longyuan is a company in China and the recent Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Hong Kong raised about USD 3 billion by selling 2.15 billion shares at HK$8.16 per share.

Longyuan is in the business of providing energy through windpower and solar energy and has the biggest concession in China for windpower. Windpower is the the present solution to fossil fuel and is known as "Clean Energy" or "Renewable Energy", As fossil fuel can only diminish and a source of poison to the environment that contributes to Global Warming which have become more and more a threat to planet Earth.

There are not too many such companies in this part of the world that generates clean energy. This is a longterm investment opportunity and the possibility of multiplying your investment over a certain time frame as the world's reserve in oil production can only get less and less.

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