Dec 8, 2009

New Age of Frivolism in Malaysia

This is so hot and the favorite "F" word and i just have to join the fun....

The New Age of Frivolism
Frivoling the formidable factum is a faculty of the fractured fraternity of the feeble when the frivoller attempts to frivol away the fascination with the foremost fad of fantastic facts.

The far flung features of fending the fervent fanatics of facts by feigning fatigue will only feed the fastidious feral fellows, fermenting and fetch forth the faithful followers of freedom forged.

The favorite son comes forth, the faultless of fame in a faraway land of freedom where he formulates and forward faithfully without fear or favor in fidelity to his fertile fatherland where he fondly and affectionately fawn and fuss to fix and fight the farcical fascism that faze over his fatherland.

First and foremost in this new age of Frivolism that is festoon with fast fashion of fanciful facilitation, the fraudulent will fade and the faithful followers of true faith of fellowship will finish first-in.

Read the Frivoling of Teoh Beng Hock's death by the outgoing MACC Chief HERE
Read Antares "Frivolous" story HERE
Read zorro "Frivolous" take HERE and HERE


zorro said...

Wah, 73 F words....quite a feat....but me being a fastidious F word user, you missed out another 1329 F words! A bottler of Macallan if you do not believe me?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hahaha.. you counted, won't know all the F word maybe Jibby can help out.

How about a bottle of Fine Flowery Fragrant of Florid French For the Macallan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hawkeye.
One Big 4 Letter F Word is enough to describe the PM action or inaction in trying to avoid the SD of Bala. In other countries a full fledged investigation would have been conducted but not over here as the police and macc all pretending that nothing has happened like the 3 monkeys who see nothing hear nothing and say nothing.

Antares said...

Heck, let's throw in a T and make that fat witch go FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!

You funny fellow you.

Anonymous said...

Hawk, This is very creative. good job!

Anonymous said...

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Carry on the good work!

Anonymous said...


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