Jun 9, 2009

PAS and UMNO Unity

PAS and UMNO Unity

Go ahead PAS, make my day, go unite with umno and than you can both start banning everything you don’t like in this country. Go ahead! Shoo Shoo get out of Pakatan Rakyat. Stop talking until the cow come home as you are becoming like umno talk, talk talk and talk and ban, ban, ban, ban this ban that ban every damn thing.

And it will be fun to watch as you start to collapse with umno, don’t you see the signs? Collapse stadium, collapse buildings, collapse highway, collapse bridges, and very soon you can unite and collapse with them.

There are just some people that just can’t take a little bit of success, win a few seats here and there and you start behaving arrogantly, you are now behaving like umno, a lot of arrogant talk from your own leaders just to win popularity. Let me remind you that you can’t even win back Trengganu the last time.

We don’t need any more arrogance, we had umno for the last 50 years and so if you need to join them in unity, please go and thank you very much for not wasting our time further.

We don’t need any more leaders that talk with false tongue; we need leaders of virtues that are leaders that speak the truth, of integrity of righteousness, of purest sincerity and most of all of humility and respect for the basic rights of all its people. We don’t want any more bullies as we had for the past 50 years, we have had enough!

And one more thing please stop emulating umno, the position of Prime Minister Ship is not to be demanded or to be given like in umno and their barisan. We the people would like to see their own Prime Minister being elected or endorsed by the people. It is not yours to be taken or demanded like it is your birth right, the PM belongs to the people and must respect and serve the people and the nation with the utmost sincerity.

If you like talking so much why not talk to the people instead as you might learn so much more and will not be in danger of some of your leaders and members being enticed and entranced by the absolute power of the wicked and the cunning.

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Goh Wei Liang said...

That's right. We don't need leaders with false tongue. You see in Kedah, the MB flip-flopped back to use the 50% quota for housing development projects.

Tsk tsk. Terrible. Last time DAP opposed and it was closed. Now the MB reopen it and DAP so silent now!

DAP should close shop !

Also, PAS Youth slammed the liberalisation of the services and financial sectors. Can you believe that ?

Support UMNO and BN ! They promote competitiveness.

And come on. DAP last time shout that they want open tenders. Suddenly when they get into power in Penang, they realised that open tenders not a good idea. They are now using selective tender.

Haha. What a joke.

One more thing. Do you know that A Thiruvenggadam, the PKR Deputy Chief of Petaling Jaya had a press conference criticising Pakatan Rakyat Selangor?

He said that he tried to meet the MB but the MB refused to meet minorities ! He also claimed that the waste concessionaires of Alam Flora are distributed among Pakatan Rakyat parties - 40% PKR, 40% DAP and 30 % PAS !

He added that the Selangor Government has not done anything for the Indian community after 1.5 years in power. And Indians in Selangor make up about 30% of the total Indian community.

These leaders should be voted out. Remember your words. We do not need leaders with false tongue.

zorro said...

Yes go ahead Hadi and Nash...go talk to UMNO, get close and personal and of course dont talk to them about PAS FOR ALL! The Supporters Club will be calling for an emergency meeting. You two guys ready? Bring along your future sleeping partners.

Unknown said...

hi Goh,
thank you for your comments. BN is a no no for me, for far too long they have run this country to backwaters. BN have been oppressing the people with their bad and outdated laws and is just too full of corruption.

The nation is now at the brink and not looking good.

Pakatan will still have my support as the alternative govt. PAS can join umno Pakatan will still be around.

hi zorro the guru,

your visit is always refreshing and enlightening.