Jun 10, 2009

Stories From Bolehland

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How To Succeed In Business

In Bolehland, this is how you start a business. Take a bank loan for $4 billion. Pay above market price for the land and everything else. Build the buildings regardless of the demand. Rent out 20% of the completed buildings. Make sure the other 80% empty buildings are painted white to make it “look nice from afar”.

When people ask “how come so many empty building?” you tell them “this is just phase one – the empty buildings are phase 2 and 3”.

When the banks start asking for money, take out another $4 billion in new loans – except this time, the Bolehland government will act as guarantor. No wonder people say Bolehland government is business-friendly.

When you have spent the money, hire a forensic accountant and issue a 1000-page report. Blame it on the previous management. Hold a press conference and tell Boleahlanders that you are going for transparency and accountability. Wait for six months. Bolehlanders “muda lupa”.

One year later, start a new project. This time, apply for bank loan of $8 billion.

Must read stories from bolehland by James Chin. For Full Story Go HERE (make sure you read all 3 parts)


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Succeed in business?

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