Jun 2, 2009

Who Said Election Is A Waste Of Time?

Who Said Election Is A Waste Of Time?

The Election system is the most sacred of any democratic institution and the fundamental of all decent human actions towards the creation of peace, prosperity and progress of a country and to say that it is a waste of time and or money is an insult and a show of disrespect to the very constitution enshrined into the charter of all responsible nation.

Any dim wit attempt to ridicule this very humane process is a transgression of basic human and constitutional rights towards its people and the nation. Its a shameful insult to the voters and the people.

The nature of the voting system in an election process is for the elected officials or political parties to be made accountable to the very people of the country that they serve and to return to the people at fix interval for their approval and endorsement to continue or otherwise.

The act of casting a vote is a sacred act in this modern world and all votes so casted must bear equitable count as in one man one vote count so as to reflect a clean, open and fair electoral system and in so doing preserve the sanctity of the democratic institution of being human, of being a citizen, of embracing the spirit of integrity of loyalty and of morality.

Any attempt to gerrymander the electoral system is an act of evil that cheats your fellow man, your brothers and sisters, your children and grandchildren and their children and your mother and all mankind in depriving him the sacred vote of one vote count.

Gerrymandering is the act of unfairly redistributing the electoral district or constituency boundaries and in the apportionment of voters per district whereby where there is an opposition area the district is adjusted to pack in more voters and thereby reducing the opposition representation and if it is an incumbent district it is further divided into two or more constituency containing less voters and thus giving more numbers of representation. A reflection of a fair election is when the political parties garnered 51% of the votes than their representation should equals to 51% in the house. Gerrymandering attempts to gives the incumbent an unfair advantage and is a despicable act of thievery.

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