Oct 6, 2009

The Figures of Bagan Pinang

 (Photo from Wan Imran)

The Figures of Bagan Pinang
Let’s look at the figures of Bagan Pinang as from the last election of 2008, for this Bagan Pinang state seat will show that there was a voter turnout of 10,527 voters or 77.04% of the total registered voters amounting to 13,664.

Out of the total registered voters of 13,664, there are 4,604 postal votes of which 4,571 are voters from the soldiers in the army. The total postal votes make out 33.69% of the total registered voters of 13,664. The turnout for the total postal votes was at 4,269 votes or 92.72% of the total postal votes of 4,604.

Let us look at the civilian votes as follows; 13,664 total registered voters less postal voters at 4,604 equals to total civilian voters at 9,060. And in 2008 UMNO received 3,080 of postal votes and PAS obtained 1,189 postal votes of the total postal voters turnout of 4,269, that equates to only a total of civilian voters turnout at 6,258 voters or 69.07% of the total civilian voters (10,527 voters turnout – 4,269 postal votes turnout = 6,258 civilian voters turnout ).

Check out the real strength of the postal voters as follows; total postal voters of 4,604 and the turnout is at 4,269 or 92.72% of total postal voters of which UMNO obtained 3,080 votes or 72.15% and PAS has 1,189 or 27.85% of total postal votes.

Postal votes in Bagan Pinang, makes up a crucial 40.55% of the total voters turnout of 10,527 voters as in the 2008 general election and is a significant force and that the Election Commission must be seen to be independent, transparent and fair, and address any complaints or disputes and seen to be honest and of the highest integrity and be accountable to the people of this nation.

For PAS to win they will need to focus on increasing the civilian voters turnout and thus reducing the impact from postal votes, if the civilian turnout is 80% (80% X 9060 = 7248 civilian voters turnout), than they will have to capture around 60% (60% X 7248 = 4349 civilian votes) of that turnout of civilian voters. And to reinforced their support from the servicemen and maybe increased that support to about 35% from the 27.85% in the 2008 general election and than PAS might just edge out UMNO and win this election.

So how are PAS approaching this election as time is running out and what are they doing about reaching out and addressing the concern of the voting soldiers? Please note that the concern of the soldiers are that they can vote in secrecy against umno and as such if PAS can assure the soldiers that their vote will be in confidence than...

In this Bagan Pinang by-election the Election Commission is under the spotlight and will need to address the long time grouses and complaints from the people as to their independence and EC should open up and be transparent and truthful to the people and country.

"Should the postal votes be abolished as we are not at war or in emergency. It was meant for our servicemen in the jungles during the Emergency and the war against the communists."
R.Nadeswaran (The Sun)

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Starmandala said...

Man, you are a WIZARD with figures! What brilliance! A great pleasure to benefit from the wealth of data at your disposal - that's the real trickle effect! :-)

I believe at least half the troops are sick and tired of Umno's hypocrisy, arrogance, and bullying tactics. If they could quickly increase the size of their testicles, PAS will scrape through to VICTORY!

Unknown said...

Hi Antares,
Will keep the trickle flowing.. haha

I think so too, that the soldiers will vote against umno in a clean and fair election.

Lets see what happens as the voting results can tell a lot of stories.