Aug 26, 2008


9.55 pm : Official Results = Anwar Ibrahim 31,195 (66.64%). Arif Shah Omar 15,524 (33.16%). Hanafi Hamat 92 (0.20%). Anwar won by a majority of 15,671 votes. Increased majority from march 8 when Wan Azizzah won by 13,388 votes.

9.19 pm : unconfimed and unofficial = PKR 31,579 BN 16,045 with a majority of 15,534 votes

9.00 pm : recount in progress so far PKR 29665 BN 14340 not all votes re-counted yet.

8.45 pm : Gus reports that there is now a recount of the votes.

8.42 pm : unofficial results anwar has increased majority of 17,652 from march 8 general election when wan azizzah won by a majority of 13,400 votes.

8.36 pm : old ben reports anwar 31949 votes has won by about 70% of all votes

8.31 pm : 31,949 PKR, 14297 BN and 74 votes for Akim

8.24 pm : votes still counting

8.21pm : Unofficial votes anwar majority of 17,652 votes report from Gus at houston control

8.03pm : Viveg reporting from the counting centre
The barricade splitting the filed just off the counting centre that was supposed to separate the supporters of BN and PKR has gone.
Because there are no BN supporters there and the space was needed to accommodate the more than 15,000 PKR supporters who are on hand to receive the final result.

8.11 pm: So far total of 15 polling centres votes counted at PKR 22,659 BN 10,999

8.08 pm: Guah Perahu district = PKR 909 votes BN 726

8.06 pm : Kuala Mengkuang district of 5 centres = PKR 1207 votes BN 1062 votes

8>03pm: Gus reports that Nurrul Izzah and Ronnie Liu is now at Houston control at PP

7.58pm : Mengkuan district 4 centres = PKR 1029 votes BN 560 votes

malaysia kini reports anwar at 5398 votes arif shah 1891 votes at 7.43pm

7.48 pm : Kg. Cross district = PKR 1412 votes vs BN 180 votes

7.46 pm; so far anwar is leading in vote counts by over 70%

7.44 pm : Jalan Tuna district of 4 centers; PKR 1174 BN 549

7.40 pm: Taman Tun Hussein Onn total of 4 centres = PKR 1142 votes BN 493 votes

7.30pm: report from Gus Gan reports. Seberang Jaya district. total of 5 centres= PKR 1476 votes BN 602 votes. this is BN stronghold

7.20pm anwar leading by a mile in all centres.

7.06pm : Viveg reporting from the counting centre
Helicopter hovering over the centre.
FRU presence as not dissimilar to that on nomination day.
5,000-6000 PKR supporters present. BN supporter presence

7.10 pm : got reports news portal site inaccessible like malaysiakini and others

7.02pm : Din Merican reporting from the counting centre
Anwar has won Seberang Jaya ( Arif Shah’s stronghold ) by a huge majority. Unofficial figures in have it that Anwar garnered 5,865 votes while Arif Shah got 1,977 votes

7.05 pm : Gus reporting from PP.
in one polling station there was almost 100% votes for Anwar

7pm : update from Gus Gan.
19000 votes counted so far.

6.35pm : Update from Haris
News just in. Average voter turnout 81%.
Unofficial report from one counting centre is that Anwar garnered 80% of the votes. In one more centre, Anwar is said to have garnered 72% of the votes.

6.33pm: Estimated voter turnout at 80% ie. approx 43000 voters. and PKR exit polls show anwar leading by 63.7% approx 27000 votes with majority of just over 10000 votes.

5.52pm : Lillian reporting from the Seberang Jaya police station
Lillian reported that as she spoke to me, she was staring directly at an angry-looking FRU water cannon.
She could also see the three ‘pengundi hantu’ buses, now empty, in the police compound.
Many PKR supporters have converged on the station and are becoming increasingly patient.
YB Ronnie Liu is in the station. It is rumoured that YB Karpal Singh is also in there.
Gobalakrishnan, who is reported to have been beaten up by police, together with hiis sons, and then arrested, is also reported to be held at this station.
Word is that Gobala saw police escorting one of the buses and wanted to know why they were escorting the bus into Permatang Pauh.

6.25pm: Reporting from ground zero at PP (houston control) are zorro, haris of people's parliament, gus gan, viveg, balraj and many other anak anak bangsa malaysia.

Hello test test... calling houston control... this is wharf checkpoint.. rodger over and out.... contact established ... with houston control in PP simpang ampat.

Vote counting to start at 7pm... system standby... check check... Time check 6.05 pm

Total of 25 polling centres.


Anonymous said...

Anwar ahead by 70% in Penanti DUN. get the latest as they come in from


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thanks for the live update.

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thanks to the anak bangsa malaysia reporting from ground zero in permatang pauh that made this possible.