Aug 27, 2008

Looking Forward to September 16

(Anwar and wife with Guan Eng and other leaders after winning the by-election in Permatang Pauh)

Despite all odds fighting against the Barisan National election machinery with the use of federal and state apparatus and of government agencies and the state controlled print and broadcast media propagating relentless attack villifying the man as immoral, greed and his party as aggressive and troublemakers.

Anwar only had the alternative media of blogs and internet for support and had to campaign through his rally or ceramah as thousands swarm the numerous ceramahs held all throughout the constituency.

In his victory speech Anwar proclaimed "This is the people's victory!" "Permatang Pauh has given a clear signal to the leadership of this country: We demand change. We want freedom. We don't want to live with corruption and oppression."

With this victory his supporters can look forward to September 16, a date whereby he planned to take on the challenge of a change in government with the assistance from defectors of the BN.

"We are entering Parliament with a clear agenda, and they should wake up with the stark realities of the day," Anwar said.

Tricia Yeoh, director of the Center for Public Policy Studies, said she believed there was enough infighting and disaffection within the governing party that these defections were feasible. But Anwar's opposition movement is still young, and its unity could fray if it moves too quickly into power, she said.

"I do think they have sufficient numbers and the question is whether it is the best and most strategic move for him now." she added.

With the 8th March General Election landslide victory described as the "Tsunami" where the opposition captured 5 states and swept the seats in the capital of Kuala Lumpur already indicates that Anwar's Pakatan Rakyat has garnered the support of the people where they had taken 56% (or thereabout) of the popular votes in within the peninsular and it was only the votes from the Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak that gave the BN its flimsy hold on to the government.

The result of 8 March coupled with this triumphant win speaks much of the peoples support for the promised change of September 16. And for any change to happen the people must demand and want it and this result clearly and precisely reflects the wishes of the people.

"One of the things that has held this country back is the issue of corruption - resources are not being distributed in a way that is fair to the vast majority of people," said Bridget Welsh, a specialist in Malaysian politics at Johns Hopkins University in Washington.

"What you're seeing now is the rise of the voice of people wanting change for a broader constituency than just the elite." said Bridget.

There is now justification for change to take place and come September 16, can we have a new Malaysia that is free of corruption and oppression!


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Anonymous said...

well said hawkeye,
the rakyat has shown their power and if the component parties like mca mic gerakan and the sabah and sarawak parties in barisan nasional does not wake up and leave the BN they too will go down the drain.

anak bangsa malaysia

Anonymous said...

51 years of government makes them arrogant, uncaring, draconian, greedy and above all, corruptible. What price we have to pay for all these? A two-party system for check and balance, as in western countries like the US, Australia, UK, etc., is what we need here to ensure a fairer and clean government. All people should live and work as one citizen of the country. Get rid of racial bigotry and treat each other as brothers and sisters irrespective of skin colours and religious beliefs, then only can we all strive for a better future for generations to come. Hidup Malaysia!

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The road to putrajaya is full of road blocks. They will throw everything at Anwar to stop him from forming the new government.
Now got ACA investigation on him and the sodomy case.DNA bill is now forced through parliament so that they can fix him up for good.