Jul 14, 2009

Higher Voter Turnout - Manek Urai

This is beyond expectation for a working Tuesday. Unbelievable!

There is a higher than expected voter turnout reported to be at 84% as at 3 pm. and estimated to be about 10,325 voters that already casted their sacred vote.

The total voters for the March 2008 election in Manek Urai was at 82.5% with 10140 votes casted.

Total registered voters are 12293 which is the same electoral roll for the 2008 general election.

The turnout should be well over 85% come 5pm.
The Election Commission announced that as at 4pm 86.5% or 10,626 have voted.
Polling closes at 5pm with a record voters turnout. (awaiting final numbers from EC)
PAS claims victory of more than 2000 majority votes based on exit polls.

Final voters count is a record of 87.3% or 10,736 at end of polling for Manek Urai.
In 2008 voters was at 82.5% and in 2004 about 82% of voters turnout. Will be interesting to see how the votes are being translated.

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