Jul 13, 2009

It Sure Took A Long Long Time

It sure took a long time to come to this, it has taken 100 days to find out that we need crime prevention and that we need to fight corruption and etc with no details or plans on how to achieve this and as though like it is a new discovery.

But first, change the language and back to bahasa for maths and science (after spending years and millions of ringgit) at least until the next PM comes along and maybe we should have new language or elective language. Is BN all about the PMs, out goes the all talk only sleepy head and in come another all talk and more talk new Prime Minister and his talk are decorated with celebrations and event launches like some kind of new anti dandruff shampoo.

100 days goodies? The poor and lower income people don’t use Smart Tag or Touch and Go and to use it for 80 times so that they will qualify for a 20% discount? You guys are expert in making things complex don’t you? Who are your advisers? Mr. PM, you better sack them all and get new ones.
Sale of low cost houses a big deal, and through all these years we are still struggling with this topic of low cost housing? Just give them the houses in lieu of rental lah and stop making all this fuss as you don’t have enough low cost houses to go around for all the low income people.
Taxi permits? You mean from the time of the sleepy head until now you guys are still trying to give out these permits, go talk to the taxi drivers yourself and hear what they have to say about getting your permits, those that I have spoken to condemns it and says that there are too many conditions that they can’t meet and some says that they need political recommendations from BN.
Reducing cost to obtain motorcycle license to RM 211? Come on… just give it to the poor for free or at a token fee, RM211 is a lot of money to the poor and lower income earner.
Most of these goodies so announced are things to be done in the norm, like birth registration and citizenship applications, are all these things something new or what? Fighting crime and corruption and alleviating the hardship of the people are one of the priorities of the government and up till today we still don’t have any detail action plan other than just making an announcement on the subject. To be truthful in fighting corruption the Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) must be made fully independent and seen to be independent and sad to say at this point in time this does not seem to be the case. And yes it was a good timing to announce the fight on corruption at the same time a former state Mentri Besar blatantly flaunt his wealth to the Malaysian public by building a purportedly 20 or 30 million ringgit palace for himself and yet the authorities pretends not to know of this and are turning their head the other way.

Good Work Khir! When is the open house?

The 1Malaysia comes with a slogan that reads “Justice for All” and after reading all the multiple pages of hype by all the government controlled media it still does not say much and you can’t help but think that there were 2 or 3 or more different type of Malaysia in the past?

The people never had any problem on unity, we, the people gets along well and fine and recognizes that there is only one universal race on this planet and that is the Human Race (says Michael Jackson) and it is the politicians who is trying to create all the mistrust and are propagating disunity and thinks that they can control the people and hold on to power through the old political adage of “divide and rule” (also said by Michael Jackson).

If the slogan “Justice for All” is true and sincere than give the country and the people real justice and democracy by clear separation of powers of the judiciary and that judges are independently appointed and not put in place by the PM and politicians, and all top post like the IGP (Inspector General of Police), as it is today BN has shown to have already seizes power and controls all the functions of democracy and has turned this nation into an Authoritarian state.

The people are not fools and stupid and could easily see through all the smart talks and insincerity, even the people of Manek Urai a sleepy hollow, can tell us this when we were there and don’t think that fishmongers and rubber tappers don’t care or are ignorant and are oblivious to all your doings and be fooled by your empty promises, you should really hear them out and not for them to hear you talk, talk, talk and talk.

To Muhyiddin, the people of Manek Urai says thank you and you can keep your bridge, who do you think we are? Donkeys? (This is a form of bribery)

Come this Tuesday, the people of Manek Urai will speak for the nation and tell you what they think of your dirty and manipulative politics.

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Anonymous said...

Well said...right on the dot!

I'm really sick and tired of the same talk over and over again. Same talk, different PM, and we, the rakyat know the outcome.