Apr 22, 2010

Ambulance In An Election

One very common sight which you will see in the previous by-elections as well as this by-election in Hulu Selangor is the number of Ambulances on the road.

We suspect that these Ambulances are being used to ferry the umno people and when there is a traffic jam they will be blaring their sirens and cutting through traffic.

Is this legal? Isn’t it a gross disregard and misuse of public amenities?

Please be extra careful during an election as there will be no ambulances for you, they are all too busy ferrying umnoputras.

Check out these photos of all the different Ambulances taken in just one day around the district Hulu Selangor.

Health Department of Hulu Selangor

Another one!

And another..
This Ambulance passing through the Toll and it's Free of toll charges.

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