Apr 5, 2010

Classification of Malaysian

Malaysia population estimates stands at 28.6 (28,608.6) million as at 31st Dec 2009 according to the Department of Statistic (DOS) Malaysia.

In breaking down the numbers you will find that Malaysia has a very young population with a median age of 25 years and some details as follows:

Below 20 (0-19) years of age is at 11.7 million or 40.1 %

Below 35 (0-34) years of age is at 18.7 million or 65.4 %

Below 50 (0-49) years of age is at 24.0 million or 83.9 %

The Election Commission has announced that there were 11.08 million registered voters and there were about 4.4 million eleigible citizens who has yet to register to vote.

There are more than 500,000 citizens reaching the age of 21 every year and will be eligible to vote, this estimate is derived from the breakdown of the age group from 20 to 24 which is at 2.54 million. So the "Bankit" guys might want to try their voter registration at Universities at least there might be much more concentration of new eligible voters in this places (mostly second final year students) and they will be from all over the country.

There are slightly more Male over Female at 14.56 million males over 14.05 million females, so guys don't take more than your fair share otherwise we will need to import more females.

What is intereseting in the DOS estimates are the grouping of the various figures and definition as follows:

Total Population at 28.6 million and Malaysian citizens at 26.5 million giving you a 2.09 million Non-Malaysian citizens. It is an assumption that we have legal non Malaysians who are given residences permission or work permits to stay in the country. So who are this Non-Malaysians as they make up quite a substantial of about 8 % of Non-Malaysian citizens and even more than the total number of Indians in the country of 1.95 million or about 7 %.

The classification of Malaysian population as per the DOS are; 1. Malay at 14.58m or 55 %. 2. Other Bumiputra at 3.16m or 12 %. 3. Chinese at 6.48m or 24.5 %. 4. Indians at 1.95m or 7.4 %. 5. Others at 0.34m or 1.3 %  and 6. Non-Malaysian at 2.09m or 8 %.

Some Population Trivia:

  • People say that since 1981 the Indian population has reduced substantially as some has been reclassified as Malays and or Bumiputras.

  • There were also some quarters who are calling for greater classification as the chinese would like to be known as hokkien, cantonese, teochew or hakka or hailam and etc and the Indians are also calling for greater definition. And the punjabs and the sikhs would also like to be distinct and not included under "lain lain". And the others or "lain lain" are asking to be included as "other bumiputras".

  • Maybe the government should consider expanding the classification to reflect greater refinement of the true varied ethnicity in  the coming new census.

  • The average population growth of Malaysia is at 2.1 % per annum and the highest population growth district is Kinabatangan of Sabah at 4.4 % followed by Langkawi at 3.2 % (Must be the clean waters).

  • The state with the lowest population growth is Wilayah at only 1.6 % per annum. (City folks no time to make babies). The state with the highest population growth rate is Terengganu and Kelantan at 2.4 %.

Census are conducted every Ten years and the next Population and Property Census will be initiated on the
6 July 2010 (Census Day).


Anonymous said...

This is 1malaysia mah..

Anonymous said...

Some work hard, some "play" hard. Some work hard to survive, others survive to "play" hard.

The result is different population growth.

Mamak has achieved his goal, political control not birth control.