Apr 3, 2010

Are You Registered?

Today a group of young Malaysians had taken time off to contribute to their nation as caring and responsible citizens. They had taken the initiative and sacrificed much time as most young people goes about taking pleasure from their right to live and to play, this group of young Malaysians is showing that they care for their country. Visit them by clicking the picture above:

They are going out on the road reaching out to individual Malaysians and conducting voter registration, yes voter registration for the millions of unregistered Malaysians of adult age! They have a noble target of getting Two Million Malaysian to be newly registered voters. Show your support go visit them Today!

Their efforts in getting to this stage are not easy and have been challenging but being determined as young Malaysians are, they prevail and today they are out fishing for voters registration.

If you think you are now an adult and a Malaysian than you have to exercise your right to vote, this right is the ultimate power of a citizen to elect their government. The right government elected to lead and manage the country can bring in greater freedom, stability, peace and prosperity to the people of a nation.

This is the fundamental process of a democracy; this is the democratic process where the supreme power is rightly vested in the common people under a free and fair electoral system.

The Malaysian government claims to be a democratic government which many disagree and has widely deviated today, seen to be oppressive and manipulative and an electoral system that is flawed This makes every vote even much more crucial if you wish to have a change, as to overcome the inequitable distribution of electoral votes. Read my earlier story on the Malaysian voter worth 5 cents HERE.

Being registered as a voter and then exercising your right to vote makes you a real Malaysian and shows that you are now a responsible citizen and mature adult.

Go Visit Them Today: They are at E-Curve Mall, Damansara, Subang Parade, Subang Jaya and Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. (From today Saturday 3rd April and Tomorrow Sunday 4th April)

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