Apr 23, 2010

Command Centre of Barisan National

Our return trip back to Kuala Kubu Bahru today and as we pass through the toll gate there was a Police check point. There are an increased in Police check points today all over the district of Hulu Selangor.
And as we approach the Barisan National Command Centre guess what we saw running past our car? Yup, another ambulance with flashing lights in a great hurry. In and arounfd the BN command centre you will see many ambulances running about.

Ambulance that overtook our car with flashing lights.

Check out the BN Command Centre at Bukit Beruntung.

the Front Office

Side view of the CC. Notice the huge tent in the centre.

Huge containers in and around the compound.

Back view of the BN command centre.

Side view. See more containers with 1Malaysia logo.

A puteri umno tent in the vicinity welcoming the army votes.
The young ladies of puteri umno will take care of the army voters.

There are hundreds of cars and other vehicles in and outside the command centre indicating the number of people inside. The indications shows that umno has emplyed professionals to run their election strategy. The hundreds of people in the compound of about 10 acres or more. What do you think all these people are doing inside? They have a main command base and other sub bases strategically located all over the district of Hulu Selangor.

This shows an organised battle formation unlike that of Pakatan which is widely exposed and very barely fitted in terms of expertise and equiptments. The BN centres are highly secretive and some areas inaccessible even to party members.

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