Apr 25, 2010

Najib - Confident or Dumb?

This Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election is now a national referendum on the Prime Minister Najib Razak. Najib has himself declared the by-election a referendum; the Prime Minister has given this election distinct prominence by his declaration and his active involvement in the election campaign.

It has been customary that in any by-elections, the deputy prime minister leads the Barisan National alliance and by design act as a defence mechanism to the reputation and criticism of the party alienating the no.1 from any adverse negative repercussion.

It has been a surprise and shock to many when Najib made the pronouncement and took over the leadership of the campaign machinery. Even had his “boss” campaigning in the constituency and this could be a first for the Malaysian election history where the so called first lady took an active role running the ground campaign.

Either Najib is so sure of winning or he is really that dumb.

Najib has stolen the limelight in this by-election and it is now all about him and maybe his “boss” being included and this is exactly why the no.1 is traditionally not directly involved in any by-elections.

Many were shock at his announcement and some became highly suspicious on his show of confidence and questions begin to arise resulting in the opposing team having to review the strategic battle plan. But then on further contemplation it could just be out of a plain overdose of exuberance especially after meeting world famous leaders and being elevated.

There is now not much option open to Najib as if he loses this election, the pressure both outside and from inside of umno will mount on him. According to an old chinese proverb, "He has now been placed on the altar".

Tonight is the night! Tonight we will know whether Najib is Confident or He is just plain Dumb.

And if he is so confident than we will want to know why he is so confident or what has given him that confidence.

Keep your eye wide open to this Hulu Selangor polling day today, for Najib has led himself to a corner and things could get desperate.

The votes could just be overwhelming.

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