Apr 24, 2010

Electoral Fraud

If we are on a level playing field than there will be no reservation as to who will win but we are not on a level playing field. In this field even the Referee is playing against you.

For a free and fair election much is dependent on the independence of the Election Commission which is entrusted with the sacred duty to safeguard the rights of voters. In Malaysia the members of the commission are all appointees of umno and act to the wishes of their political masters.

It was reported that some 14,000 voters in Hulu Selangor have had their polling stations changed and moved to new polling stations without the voter’s knowledge and this can be construed as Electoral Fraud which includes transferring 228 voters out to a different constituency.

The Election Commission has up till today not provided an acceptable explanation. This is a blatant act by the election commission.

The EC had earlier announced the withdrawal of the accreditation of “MAFREL” the independent election watchdog and said that they will not be appointed for the Hulu Selangor by-election.

You can’t help but to relate the incidence of the dislodge voters and the “dismissal” of the election watchdog.

Polling day is on Sunday and what can be done to ensure that the voters get to exercise their constitutional rights to a fair vote.

There is much amiss with the Malaysian electoral system, for any electoral democracy to work the underlining requirement for a free press must be present whereas today all major TV and Radio stations, newspapers and most print media are in the control of the ruling parties and their cronies.

If Pakatan wants to win than it must seek to resolve the issue of the 14,000 voters.

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