Apr 25, 2010

Hulu Selangor Voters Turnout

The total voters turnout is looking at a healthy number of a 49557 or 75.87 % voters out of 64500 registered voters.

It is a healthy number at 75.87% as it will be more worrying if the turnout is any higher as a comparison on the previous two by-elections where numbers of voters turnout reported was at more than 80 % and the first one Pakatan at Manek Urai almost lost winning by a slim majority of about 60 votes and the Bagan Pinang Pakatan lost with an unexpected increased majority.

The estimate of voter turnout should be not more than 75 % (max) preferably at 70%, which will reflect the total average voting turnout trend. Every percentage change amounts to 645 voters and five percent equals to 3225 voters.

Will update later. having problem trying to load chart.

Ok got the chart up and got to run off.
The chart to look at is the voting time chart and it should be a smooth gradual flow without any spike and you  will notice that there is one spike at the 4pm chart which almost double the numbers of the 3pm chart.
This spike has brought an additional of about 2500 votes or more.
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