Apr 20, 2010

Drive to KKB (part 2)

More photos:

Special tents erected on the grounds of Bomba at KKB.

Saw Eli Wong working hard directing the campaign workers in this barely fitted operation centre.

Met up with Haris and drove up to Magick river passing this dam.

The guys half naked at Magick river where the Duke cook up a wonderful meat stew.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, didn't u see the BN air conditioned tents dotting around the district? There is one near the new shop houses at Jln Ipoh batu 30 and another at Ulu Yam Baru near the junction in town.

Anonymous said...


pls tell me what do the 3 or 4 of you do in the campaign trail?

what does uncle Z do?

I am unclear...please explain.

many thanks.


zorro said...

Anne, I get pissed and hope for a VISION to guide me in this campaign. If internet connectivity is good I blog till I drop. Just to make you happy....Duke travels from KL after work everyday, drives up to Magickriver to cook for us. If we are sponsored we would be happy with at least a 5 course chinese dinner every night. For now 3 dishes is ok to get by. Come help Duke with the cooking.....everyday can?