Sep 25, 2010

Azmi Sharom Live

Azmi "Ol Skool Blues" live now in the heartland of Pakatan Rakyat's Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Azmi entertained an estactic crowd filled to the brim and rocking to his music. There was hardly any walking space with his fans cheering and calling out for more.

This is a rare performance by Azmi and it will be quite a while before his next performance.


Anonymous said...

Did not know that Azmi is a singer. Whats the name of his group and did they make any cds?

zorro said...

Azmi is law professor....he sings to de-stress....having young girls swooning at his long mane (when let loose) can be stressful....ah you guys who left early missed a great performance by Boom on the reeds, like the bango and mandolin duel in The Deliverance.

Anonymous said...

Every human being has the right to be tried in the court of law.Period!