Sep 9, 2010

We Are Under Severe Attack! - Raja Petra

Malaysia Today is under severe attack! And another website Free Malaysia Today is also block just a few hours ago. There are rumours going around that Wong Chun Wai the chief editor of The Star new media is to be sack.

There is now a cyber war in Malaysia and the suspicion is that the corrupt and evil people are behind the attack depriving Malaysians of their favourite alternative news site.

The government controlled media are fast losing readership and circulations of the main stream news papers fast dropping and there were talks by the authorities in the implementation of a Malaysian Green Dam to block out internet sites.

"We are under severe attack" Raja Petra said in an email from London as reported by Asia Sentinel just a few hours ago.

The story carried by Malaysia-Today on 5th September about Tay Kay Hock of Johan Holdings Bhd asking for RM500 million for the award of the railway contract and the Penang second bridge project has caught the attention of the Chinese authorities and is viewed with grave concern as the chinese government is on an anti corruption campaign wiht high profile government officials being caught and convicted. Corruption is viewed as a serious capital crime in China and is punishable through public execution.

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Old Fart said...


I came here hoping you'd do us a favour and show us how to get to Malaysia-today through the proxy site. You detailed that last time this same thing happened. So can you, please?

Scarlet Pimpernel said...

In any case, far better Malaysia Today be under attack than RPK be in the grimy clutches of those who ordered the attacks. By their own knee-jerk reaction they are telling us RPK just exposed another humongous pile of heavy-duty excrement concealed under the ridiculously lumpy MSM carpet.

Unknown said...

Old Fart,
No proxy sites this time.
The ddos attack don't normally last too many days. I am sure the technical guys at MT are working on it.
They can't stop the internet permanently. this is only temporary.
Will update once i get any info.

You are right, at least RPK is free to continue with all the expose of the corrupt.

Anonymous said...

The work of mamak-kui the thieving chicken devil.

Anonymous said...

Anwar and Zaid Ibrahim site under cyber attack. Malaysian Insider

Anonymous said...

You should get ddos protection from www.BlockDos.Net