Oct 3, 2010

Raja Petra Kamaruddin - The Fight For Justice and Freedom

Happy 60th Birthday, Raja Petra

"The future belongs to the next generation. My job is to ensure that the next generation gets to enjoy life in a country that is conducive to a better quality of life. Quality of life is not about the number of years you live. Quality of life is not about the wealth that you procure. It is about a country free of persecution, discrimination and injustice and where the government respects the fundamental rights of its citizens." ~Raja Petra~
“What I can leave them would be a legacy that we must always fight for justice and freedom and rise to the defence of the downtrodden. That, I believe, are virtues which even money cannot buy.” ~Raja Petra~

An excellent account as written by Din Merican on Raja Petra aka RPK. Din Merican speaks for all of us in his article of RPK and it has touched me deeply, i am speechless.

RPK, you will always remain in our heart and history will record your contributions towards justice and freedom in the new Malaysia. The modern history is being written and archived in cyber-world where the truth will remain for all future generations to see.

"Happy belated birthday ,RPK and thank you so much for helping us to learn to dissent and to do it in a democratic way! Let there be peace, justice and prosperity. We deserve none more liberating than that. Here is to you, Marina and Malaysians: be of good cheer as there is light at the end of tunnel." - Din Merican.

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