Oct 22, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim Demand Apology from Najib Razak


Zaid Ibrahim demands that Najib Razak gives a public apology to all Malaysians for his threats to the nation.

Najib Razak had in his opening speech in the UMNO general assembly vowed to defend umno at all cost even if it meant crushed bodies and lost lives. 

Najib had further warned of the possibilities of racial cleansing such as in Rwanda and Bosnia.
 Zaid said to a pack hall of about 1200 people that this is an irresponsible act by a Prime Minister and called on all Malaysian to completely reject such violent speech that reflect the fear and insecurity of Najib which is a Prime Minister without the mandate of the people. Najib is desperate, his behavior and threats no longer can work in this modern times and that he will be fully rejected in the next general election says Zaid to loud applause and cheers from the crowd.

Zaid Ibrahim in his concluding speech went on to stress that the people should vote without fear and not fall for the tricks of Najib who is a weak and insecure Prime Minister fumbling with his flip flop policies as reflected throuout his tenure and in the recent national budget planning of the country bringing on scores of irrelevant project and wasteful spending resulting in higher budget deficit.

Zaid compares the credibility of the talents in Pakatan Rakyat against the proven failures of the BN Ministers all throughout the many years of BN corrupt governance. He further stressed that the Pakatan alliance is an alliance of democratic consensus and not one single party could dominate over the others unlike UMNO where all the other components are subservient to the masters in UMNO.

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