Oct 6, 2010


You can’t even Woo my grandmother from coming back to Malaysia lest not talks about wooing the Professionals from overseas.

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that the country's Talent Corporation will start its operation in January 2011 in a concerted effort to Woo Malaysian talents from overseas.

What does Malaysia has to offer other than an oppressive atmosphere of fear and threats, anyone who is not within the inner ruling power of UMNO will be constantly subjected to threats from the arsenal of unjust and archaic laws. Even talented cartoonist are handcuffed, harassed and detained in jail like a criminal.

The country ruled by Barisan National for over 50 years has today degraded to a nation mired by acute corruption, cronyism and nepotism, corrupt practices has become a part of political culture of the ruling government with gross malpractices constantly being swept under the carpet. After more than 50 years the people are much more divided as a nation of people due to the the wilful mal-influence brought about in a bid to hold on to perpetual power.

All fundamental institution has today been compromised and is no longer independent, these institutions have become subservient to the ruling executive of UNMO, they are extremely corrupt and work only for monetary benefit and in order to benefit they will have to protect and serve their ruling master.

The institution from the media are all controlled by the ruling political parties, the printed press (newspapers and etc), the broadcast of radio and television all run by cronies or aligned to the ruling elite. The institution of the judiciary, the most important institution is no longer independent with all important appointments made or manipulated by the executives. The attorney general, chief of police, the anti corruption agency are all appointed by the political masters and only act to protect their own interest and that of their master.

The political leaders preach of attaining meritocracy but are actually meretricious with politicians prostituting their alliance for the pitiful moral state of monetary self benefit from a share of the grossly unthinkable quantum of stolen loot, stolen from the nation, from the people whilst the masses of people are made to suffer a life of hardship or poverty and their children exposed to extreme propaganda brain washing with low quality education slanted towards an extreme view of division whilst instilling a fear and suspicion of the other.

Why will any overseas talent wants to come back when most locally bred young professionals has made it an ambition to obtain a second home or a second citizenship out of this berated country.

The Prime Minister use of slogans and rhetoric are mere pretentious gesture to placate a public outcry against the rising rants of racism and is evidenced by contradictory statements. A clear example will be the hypocritical call of unity on the one hand and at the very turn you will hear the call for race supremacy which is made much more malicious with superlative warnings of enmity, enmity made real by the installation of additional forces as in formation of the territorial army, initiating training of youths of their political parties to handle weapons and calling on youths of a particular community to stand up to the challenge of protecting their sovereignty. This is instilling a mindset of hostility within the people and is highly evil as this is an extremist call of instilling a violent mind-set and to project an aura of fear to others.

The Prime Minister has called on youths to be united to defend their political power to ensure the success. “Political Power” is an insinuation on the use of aggression. One of the most famous references of political power comes from Mao Zedong saying that “Political Power Grows from the Barrel of a Gun”. Read NST report of the Prime Minister call to defend their political power HERE.

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