Oct 10, 2009

Last Rally at Bagan Pinang

Last call for Bagan Pinang.

We are at the 9th mile Port Dickson where a huge ceramah with the Pakatan leaders making their rounds all over the constituency.

This venue is the DAP Bagan Pinang coordination centre. There are at least 10,000 people already here awaiting for the leaders.

Ronnie Liu of DAP just took the stage and the first speaker for the night.

PS. Blogging from mobile phone. Can only attach one photo at a time.


Starmandala said...

You're a whiz with figures, Hawkeye. When you say "at least 10,000"... I'm inclined to take your word for it. That's a pretty amazing turnout. There's HOPE yet! :-)

Anonymous said...

Whatever update we can get is highly appreciated. Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

haha yes Antares,
It is most definite more than 10000. The compound is half the size of a football field and there were no standing room especially when Anwar came. People spilled on to the road creating a massive traffic jam. Check the other blogs for more photos as i am blogging from mobile phone.

will update as much as i can from mobile phone as i will be at the battle front tomorrow.