Oct 28, 2009

Stop This Evil!

I read with grave concern of the article by Raja Petra in the website of Malaysia Today titled "Warning To The Malaysian Government", my concern is both for Raja Petra as well as for the reputation of our nation, Malaysia.

This is heartbreaking for any parents when your son is being tortured under detention and must not be taken lightly by fellows Malaysians, torture and brutality by the police is not an acceptable  practice in this modern age and is a serious violation of basic human rights.

RPK said "He (his son) is being subjected to daily beatings to force him to withdraw his not guilty plea and instead plead guilty because there is no evidence against him and the charges are merely trumped-up charges."

This is a very serious allegation and must immediately be investigated as such actions are viewed as a cruel violations of international laws of human rights.

The country of Malaysia is already being seen as an obstinate repeated offender of the International Human Rights Law and are repeatedly being reprimanded for human rights violations by the international community.  Such reputation does not attract Foreign Investors!

The Human Rights Commission must be alerted and investigate this matter with great urgency.

The Government must response and put a stop to these cruel, evil and inhumane actions! 

(Read HERE on Malaysia's human rights violations)
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